Shimmy Shakedown Festival

March 30-31, 2019

An Oriental Dance Festival held yearly in Los Angeles, California

guest artists

ASHMINA KAREM (MEXICO)-  Ashmina is an Oriental Dancer who has pure elegance, charismatic and energetic; has an excellent ear for music and has natural musicality when she is following the melody and rhythms in music. Her performances demonstrate a unique, interpretive style, with great scenic quality and merely Egyptian. Ashmina is one of the most recognized Mexican dancers today, has toured some places in Mexico and internationally teaching workshops and private classes. Her preparation has been with the best teachers of Bellydance, each of them with different styles and energy, in this way she makes her dance more versatile and fun. Her amazing talent is crowned by simplicity and sense of sharing her knowledge, which characterizes her when it comes to teaching.

AL RACHID (MEXICO)-  Not only is Al Rachid a teacher and dancer of Oriental Dance and Bellydance Fusion/Street Jazz, he is a psychotherapist of dance and movement with a degree in Psychology. He created a unique technique that improves postures, division of the body and muscular control for Oriental Dance. He began dance in the year 2000 in modern dance, street jazz and then followed with hip-hop. In 2005, he began his strict training in traditional Arabic dances as well as Fusion. Al Rachid is also the director of ‘La Academia de Danza Palestra’ in which he prepares his students to become the Oriental Dancers they deserve to be. He also organizes his own, yearly festival, ‘Raks Durango’ and his project, ‘CARDIA’ that focuses on specialized techniques for improvement of the dancer. His specialty teachings includes training dancers in technique, development for soloists, musicality, using elements with the veil + double veil, and classical music/themes in dance. With his passion, knowledge and talent he has for his work, he has beeninvited as a teacher and judge in prestigious festivals internationally.

JIZZELLE ALEXIS (USA)-  Jizzelle is a sought out Oriental Dancer who also specializes in Iraqi and Khaleeji dance forms.  Known for her natural, energetic performance style, she is a popular dancer across Southern California – including Arabic clubs, television, music videos, theater, concerts, celebrity events, and special occasions.  Raised in a Latin family that loves music and dance, Jizzelle’s passion for the arts was cultivated at an early age.  She now draws her greatest inspiration from the stars of Egyptian & Lebanese style Bellydance, traveling to study with master teachers and perfect her craft.  Jizzelle is also the Co-Producer of Shimmy Shakedown Dance Festival and the Creator/Artistic Director of Amirat Al Sharq Dance Company.  Aside from being a professional dancer, she has her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from CSULB.  To see Jizzelle’s upcoming performances, events and teaching schedule, you can visit her website at

FADI EL SAADI (LEBANON/MEXICO)- Born in Lebanon, this Master Artist currently resides in Mexico City where he instructs, performs and directs his ensemble, El Layali.  He has composed and produced six Arabic music CD's with more to follow.  Fadi travels internationally, performing and presenting percussion workshops.  Fadi, Diana Rash (master female percussionist) and Fadi's musicians play regularly at Adonis, a celebrated Lebanese Venue in Mexico City.

DIANA RASH (MEXICO)- Female master percussionist from Mexico City who works along side Fadi El Saadi.  She has drummed for talented and well-known artists from around the world.  Besides performing weekly, Diana also teaches at FD Studio Danza y Musica Arabe in Mexico City where she instructs emerging percussionists in rhythms and the use of different instruments from the Middle East.

AMIR SOFI- A world class Middle Eastern percussionist.  His mastery and talent has given him the honor of performing and recording with some of the world’s most celebrated artists from around-the-world and also, his unique drumming style has been featured in popular film soundtracks. Amir has worked with the finest artists in various Middle Eastern musical genres and has worked with the finest Persian Singers. Additionally, he has worked extensively with many of today’s top belly dancers and produces the best bellydance/world music for dancers to purchase and add to their set list or class list. Amir puts his heart and soul into his music and works with the highest quality musicians and the biggest orchestras in Egypt at the top studios there and in Hollywood to bring this epic musical recording to life. You can listen to his music on his website at


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